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Dr. Sherrill Chong, BMin; M.A; DCC;
    Researcher in Clinical Therapy

Celebrate Life
 At Celebrate Life we provide solutions for winning in all aspects of life, physical, mental and spiritual ... More>>

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Earl and Sherrill Chong Health Ministries

Barbican, Kingston 6,
Jamaica, West Indies    More>>


(876) 946-1755

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About Us
Celebrate Life incorporates solutions provided by various organizations which cater to addressing every human challenge and supplying every human need in the physical, mental and spiritual areas ... More>>

TV/Radio Programmes
    Daily Schedule

Hear Dr. Sherrill Chong
on Roots FM 96.1 every Wednesday afternoon, 1:15 pm – 1:30 pm
    Reggae to Reggae Radio/TV



Earl and Sherrill Chong have made presentations
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Private counselling sessions may be arranged by appointment before/after the engagement.

Speaker Invitation Form  ... More>

We are made in the image of God – God is a spirit. This spirit inhabits a body (Jesus), and has a soul through which he interact so like the creator we are a triune being- body, soul and spirit.    .... More >>



Cancer is a not a Disease!
Nothing CAUSES Cancer! It is not caused by a germ, virus, bacteria or fungus.  It is not a disease but a condition! A condition of mutating cells which the body is unable to
deal with BECAUSE OF A COMPROMISED IMMUNE SYSTEM! Consequently...       .... More>>

Research & Development

Earl and Sherril Chong Health Ministries have been in research in the areas od Desease Reversal using Ortho Molecular Medicine and Psychiatry  .... More>>


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Products, CDs and Books are available for sale by sending us an email requesting.
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Earl's Seven Simple Steps to Health and Healing


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